Gaining Access To Medicinal Cannabis In Australia

Medicinal marijuana which is also referred to as medical cannabis is marijuana made from the cannabis plant and its cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD, and CBN (cannabidiol). Cannabidiol is a legal product that produces CBD oil, which is used for various therapeutic purposes. You just need a doctor’s prescription and select the best product available in Australia containing CBD oil that can be used for medicinal purposes.

Where to get approved medicinal CBD products in Australia?

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Approval of CBD oil products in Australia

The TGA or the Therapeutic Goods Agency takes care of the sale and purchase of all CBD products just like the FDA does in the US. This makes it essential to ensure that the CDB products meet purity and quality standards.

Therefore, a manufacturer has to submit clinical studies demonstrating a product’s therapeutic efficacy for a particular ailment for it to be approved and placed on the Australian Registry of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). To obtain access to medicinal cannabis products in Australia, you need to get a doctor’s prescription or a specialist.

Gaining access to medicinal cannabis

A prescription for medicinal cannabis can be obtained in four ways through Special Access Schemes:

  • A doctor, specialist, and most nurses can prescribe (SAS-B)
  • Additional access for terminally ill patients (SAS-A)
  • An authorised prescriber (AP).
  • Taking part in clinical trials.

SAS Category B pathway

The TGA can grant patients special access to cannabis medications that are not included in the ARTG through the special access scheme. In these situations, the SAS permits the import and/or supply of this unapproved medicine to one patient on an individual basis or to several patients with a similar ailment for physicians who have been approved as Authorised Prescribers. A letter has to be approved by the TGA before the CBD product can be prescribed by the doctor.

SAS Category A pathway

SAS B applications are an additional pathway to gain access to medicinal cannabis in Australia for patients who are terminally ill. A prescribing medical professional can use SAS-A to access a notification pathway for a product that is not available in Australia.

Licensed prescriber

An authorised or licensed prescriber in Australia is a physician who has requested authorization from the TGA to prescribe a specific CBD product for a specific illness or group of ailments. Authorised prescribers are not doctors, but specialists who have been given AP status. Nurse practitioners cannot become APs.

CBD oil products available in Australia are highly beneficial and can be used for different purposes in handling anxiety, pain, and sleepiness. It is always best to speak to your primary care practitioner as they know your medical history. You can be prescribed medicinal cannabis only if it is approved by a medical or authorised practitioner.

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